Monday, July 29, 2013

Basic Grey Capture Album: Paper Maps

With GPS devices and map apps on our phones, who needs paper maps right?  Well, I got these Las Vegas maps from AAA anyway because as a paper crafter of course I thought, "I can do something with these".  

When I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for my cover page in my Las Vegas album, I thought the maps would be perfect!  I'm using a Basic Grey Capture album for this.  I grabbed the first page divider in the album and traced it onto the map.  

For this page I used a map with the general Las Vegas area.  I centered the page divider so that "Las Vegas". Would be centered on the page.  I added a geotag chipboard piece above Las Vegas and my cover page was done!

For the back side of the page divider, I decided to use a map of the Vegas Strip area.  For this map, I used geotag chipboard pieces for every hotel that we visited as well as for the convention center where the CHA show was held.

This was so simple and I love how it tuned out!  I'll be posting my entire album soon!

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