Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Hello Kitty Themed Flight

My daughter is a HUGE Hello Kitty fan so I was pretty excited when I found out that we would be flying from Taipei to Tokyo on a Hello Kitty themed plane!  EVA Air teamed up with Sanrio for their 20th Anniversary and fly between certain destinations in Asia.  

Going to check in!

Boarding pass

The plane

The headrest


Soap and lotion in the bathroom

Little cups in the bathroom

Even Hello Kitty toilet paper!

Napkins and eating utensils

I think the face was a fish cake

Ice cream

There's a few photos I wanted to take but didn't get a chance to.  The flight attendants wore Hello Kitty aprons.  The safety cards and headphone bags had Hello Kitty on them.  They also gave us Hello Kitty "Passports" which were little notebooks.  

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