Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mad Science Birthday Party!

My son turned the big 1-0 this past week, and to celebrate, he requested a Mad Science birthday party!  Mad Science came to our house and did some science experiments with the kids.  They loved it!

I bought the kids disposable lab coats and safety goggles to wear for fun.

Instead of a cake, I made a Jello brain.  To get this color, I used cherry Jello and replaced a little bit of the water with evaporated milk.  

I used filled petri dishes with blue jello and gummy worms.

I made cake pops topped with silver sprinkles!

I set up a little table for the kids to make their own goodie bags (not everything is pictured here).  I went to the Dollar Store and found different size vases and candle holders to put all the different treats in.  I also found fake eyeballs and glowsticks there.  I got silver Sixlets and silver gum balls at Party America.  There was also gummy bears, gummy worms, sour belts. jelly beans, hard fruit candies and lemon heads.  I was so busy with work and the kids just starting school, that we decided to just keep the party just family.  I managed to get all of this together in just a few days(thank goodness for Amazon Prime!).  All the kids really loved Mad Science and my son has already requested for them to do his next birthday and my daughter is asking for a Mad Science party as well!  

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