Saturday, November 19, 2011

Customized Binder with Washi Tape

I seem to find myself using Washi Tape on just about everything these days!  Scrapbooks, cards, packages, etc.  You can pretty much add your own style to anything with it.  I recently purchased a handmade half size binder and printable planner (yes, even in this day and age, I'm still a pen and paper girl!) from Bubbo-Tubbo on Etsy.  I decided to brighten it up with some washi tape and one of my labels.

I used pink, green and brown washi tape to match my logo

I wrapped the entire cover in the tape and placed my label in the center (my labels were made by Kitty Crossbones...she does awesome work!)

This is the inside...I cut the washi tape in different lengths and let it hang over

I also used the tape to label my dividers on the inside

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